Changsha Huajing Powdery Material Technological Co., Ltd.
Name:Changsha Huajing Powdery Material Technological Co., Ltd.
About Us
Changsha Huajing Powdery Material Technological Co., Ltd., which was established in 2004, a high and new-technology corporation jointed comprehensive functions of researching, developing, manufacturing, marketing in China, based on Central South University (CSU), which is a comprehensive and national key university under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education in China, Inc. We have advanced equipments and powerful and excellent researching team ensuring the high quality of products to reach or even exceed advanced world standard. In our corporation, there are 2 Chinese Academy of Sciences, 3 Chinese Academy of engineering, many professors, high engineers, doctors, and artificers, and we invested $12 million and $8 million to purchase famous equipments and analytic instruments. Main products: WS2, MO2, CoS2, WCl6, MoCl5, VCl4, NaSbF6, super-fine cobalt powder and super high temperature & extreme pressure specialty lubricating grease, low temperature & extreme pressure lubricating grease, low noise lubricating grease, and so on, the high quality of products.
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