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Name:Changsha Huajing Powdery Material Technological Co., Ltd.
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Product Name: Tungsten Chloride (WCl6)
Product Type: Catalysts & Chemical Agents -> Chemical agents
Product spec: company standard
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Valid Period: 2023-12-30
Description: We are the biggest WCl6 production company with more than 30t/a output, and the production qualities can get up to or even beyond international standard, and are awarded by the factories and the scientific institutes. Tungsten chloride is an important material facing new material application field, which can be extensively used in a large number of industry, such as catalyst application in chemistry industry, the repair in machine manufacture and the surface coat dispose in glass industry. As it can improve the rigidity and anti-heat temperature largely, it can be use as additive of all kinds of materials, such as, metal, China, machine oil, spaceflight, military affairs. Moreover, WCl6 can also be used to make spectrum pure reagent.
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